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Normally, photography is a natural offshoot of mountain climbing since we go to places where nature is at her splendorous best. Wherever I go, my Nikon goes with me. Over the years I have built up a huge inventory of photographs from across the world. My photographs have traveled to many countries. Though mountains, nature and adventure action photography is my forte, I have successfully dabbled with all forms of photography including portraits, architecture, food, fashion, wildlife and sports.


I offer stock photographs of mountains, glaciers, nature, people, architecture and wildlife for calendars, picture postcards and books.


On location workshops for nature, mountain and wilderness photography. Includes basic and advanced techniques for both SLR and DSLR cameras.


I undertake shooting assignments on various topics including outdoor travel, architecture, hotels, resorts and spas and corporate PR.


Adventure action photography for high altitude expeditions, extreme climbs, exploration, etc.