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Tailor made to compliment each corporate’s ethics, business practice and HR, action oriented real time workshops in the Great Himalayan outdoors. Specifically designed to develop leadership skills, team building, decision making, risk taking, facing failure etc for all executive and management levels. I don’t offer any fixed location so my training workshops are a combination of a trek cum lessons.

Wilderness and outdoor survival

If you have ever watched ‘Man vs Wild’ on Discovery Channel, hosted by my friend Bear Gryllis, you will understand what you are going to learn in these workshops. From camp craft to night navigation and surviving with bare essentials, I will hone your natural human survival instincts with techniques that will enable you to face almost any disasters or emergency.

Polar Expeditions

Polar travel and expeditions require training, expertise, clothing and other equipment that is vastly different from mountaineering. This workshop teaches travel and survival skills necessary for success on some of the most remote and risky expeditions known to man.

Ice Craft and rock climbing

These are short and condensed technical courses meant for all ages with modules divided into Basic and Advanced courses. These workshops are more intensive than those offered by Indian Mountaineering Institutes but remain on par with the best anywhere in the world.

High altitude & outdoor medicine, search and rescue emergency courses

These courses are best suited to those who intend taking up mountaineering and the outdoors as a career and wish to develop all skills required to safeguard their clients.

Expedition Specific

If you dream to climb the highest peaks in the world, travel to the Poles, explore the deepest caves on Earth or have another adventure in mind but don’t know how to realize your dream, just get in touch with me, whatever it may be. Nothing is impossible. Age and present physical and mental fitness levels are not barriers. All you need to do is to dream the impossible and leave the rest to me. Expeditions are designed on one-to-one basis with me as your personal trainer.

Lifestyle Design

I offer a complete makeover to your current lifestyle using a uniquely customized module and holistic approach including diet, exercise, and work routine and other habits. I work with, not against, your natural preferences and abilities, transforming you into a new ‘you’.