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I hate sitting behind a desk or being bound to a particular place especially in a city. I love hanging from high places by the seat of my pants or the tips of my fingers and am always looking for extreme adventures. I have forthcoming projects in the Andes, Himalaya, Antarctica, Arctic, Greenland, Alaska, Africa, New Zealand and many other parts of the world.


I work with some of the world’s top glaciologists and related associations, studying the effects of climate change and global warming on the Polar ice caps and Himalayan Glaciers.


Besides climbing, my other passion is writing and I am constantly jotting down my thoughts on many subjects. I write fiction, non-fiction and travel stories. So far I have published three books: Eyewitness and two coffee table books – one on Everest, and one on the Two Poles. I am currently working on a compilation of my climbing-travel stories, a few adventure thriller novels, a children’s book, and a sequel to my first collection of crime stories. I regularly contribute technical articles to some of the world’s leading mountaineering professional journals.