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Is failure such a bad thing? Does your mind have limits? What’s your summit? How far do you go before you know you have gone far enough? What is ‘impossible’? These talks are ideal for schools, universities, corporations and just about anyone who wants to discover the limitless possibilities within and to succeed in his or her chosen field.


Pure adrenalin pumping stuff. Audio-visual presentations and stories from across the world, of life-and-death situations, of impossible climbs, of places where no man had ever gone before. Stunning visuals from some of the least known and exotic spots on Earth. I have traveled to more than 30 countries with these talks, showcasing the Himalaya and many other mountain ranges.


These talks are designed to provide awareness and action-oriented practical solutions to safeguard our environment, which is rapidly being destroyed by our own actions. I specifically talk about climate change and global warming, sustainable living with best practices, how each one of us is responsible and how we can all do our bit to help save our Earth. Ideal for responsible corporate and school/college campuses that wishes to integrate such measures into their day to day operations.