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Marc O. Stöckli, Entrepreneur and Alpine Climber

Satya has clearly the standing and stature to be an EO University Speaker. Highly recommended, refreshing, unusual, insightful, authentic, intriguing.

Malcolm Bass, British climber and clinical psychologist

There are so many reasons to bring Satya into your life. Whatever your original purpose for making contact with Satya, you can be sure that will be but one part of what you gain from your time with him. For us, a small British/New Zealand climbing team planning a new route in Indian Himalaya, our original purpose was prosaic: to source a dozen gas cylinders. Of course Satya delivered on this small, but vital, exchange. And that was very telling. Satya does what he says he’s going to do. He says he’s going to climb Everest. He climbs Everest. He says he is going to the Pole. He goes to the Pole. He says he’ll bring you some gas cylinders. He brings them. In a world of over inflated promises and advanced hype it is a rare and wonderful thing to meet a man like Satya who is more than what he claims to be.

From this first contact Satya became the liaison officer for our 6 week trip to the Himalaya. And from that official position he became our friend. And on each stage of our journey together more and more of his accomplishments became apparent. Patience, good humour and hope as the expedition nearly ended before it had begun in a welter of rain and landslides. An amazing curriculum vitae of adventure modestly revealed in mess tent conversations. Fitness and mountain craft as we walked in and made acclimatisation climbs together. A humane and ethical personal philosophy shown in his treatment of local people and paid staff. Practical knowledge of altitude, cold injuries, objective hazards, keeping warm, staying healthy, and eating well. Emotional intelligence and compassion to help each of us through the inevitable ups and downs of an ambitious expedition. A gift for beautiful photography to record it all.

And what fun we had; fuelled by Satya’s infectious enthusiasm for the world and all that’s in it. Food, mountains, mythology, sport, people, art, books: all these and many things besides enthuse Satya. No thing of the world is passed by (except maybe cricket!). And if all that skill, knowledge, competence and energy sound a little exhausting rest assured that Satya has the Himalayan climber’s secret greatest strength: the ability to do nothing, and to do it with grace.

So whatever your purpose, alpine, polar, corporate, lifestyle, physical, charitable or artistic, if you involve Satya you will get much more than you bargained for. In a very, very good way.

Arun Nair, Writer, Social Media Guru, Photographer

Writing a testimonial for Satya is not easy, because you fall short of words and accolades! I first met Satya at a conference for achievers and it became apparent in the next few minutes that he was the most accomplished and interesting of the lot. We’ve become good friends over the years because of our intrinsic curiosity, a desire to keep learning – more so with Satya who has an insatiable appetite for learning. For a self confessed “techie greenhorn”, Satya with his trademark persistence learned to blog and over the past year has become a force to reckon in the blogging world! For a man who has scaled many mountains (figuratively and otherwise), the word “impossible” is just an inspiration to scale more heights. Great going buddy and proud to have you as a friend!.

Nishith N. Choksey

My first testimonial & that too for a person as varied, diverse & mysterious as Satyabrata Dam... is a very difficult (or easy?) task.
Very frankly, he is one of a kind & generates envy & pride in equal proportion.
Just look at what the guy has done in his 40 odd years on this planet. His climbing CV is awesome, so are his literary & oratory skills. But more impressive & less known is the humane side which is seen in the remote Himalayan villages he has adopted or vice versa.
It is a pleasure to know Satya & know him as a friend.
God bless & as he says, 'C U on the TOP' Buddy !!!

Roxxi O'Hara, Fellow Climber

It's difficult to write a testimonial for someone who is larger than life. Satya lives his life like every breath is his last...like the last drops of a precious rare fine wine savored on his tongue. I can count on my right hand the number of people that I trust my life with completely and Satya would be my thumb. If his rolodex of credentials don't impress you, his amazing mind and sharp wit will blow you away. Underneath all that gear you will find the biggest heart connected to a philosopher's mind, lit by the kindest humanitarian set of eyes and a smile that can melt the glaciers. He is Truth walking by your side and the man you want next to you for any and all of life's most sought after adventures.